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Euro 2016, For Flags – Part One: The Groups

I like flags – they look good, and they mean stuff. The nationalist sentiments they might represent, I can leave. But I like the flags. They’re handsome things.

I like sport, too. It’s like real life, but pretend, and better. So while you probably haven’t wondered, what would Euro 2016 be like if it was a flag contest?, I have. And I didn’t stop at wondering, I went and did it – a football tournament, played out between flags. Does it make sense? Is it logical and internally consistent? Was it worth my time and yours? The answers to these questions (no) and more (what are this idiot’s favourite flags?) will be revealed, only in the crucible of competition.

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Refereeing Inconsistency a Blight on Rugby

In the 72nd minute of today’s Six Nations match at Twickenham, Wales were attacking in England’s 22 when replacement prom Tomas Francis entered a ruck. In the process of his not-particularly-effective clear-out, his open hand met the face of England prop Dan Cole.

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Sharapova, Occam and You

So this happened late last evening, and people have been having and sharing their opinions on it ever since. I had some too, so let’s go.

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Ospreys 2013-14 Preview: Men to Watch

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Ospreys 2013-14 Preview: Arrivals and Departures

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