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How to schedule an expanded Pro12

What I know about scheduling a full season of a professional sports league wouldn’t fill the clichéd intro of a blog post. But that won’t stop me speculating.

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Review: Firewatch (PS4)

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The Expanse: Season Two – Hopes and Expectations

Something about the early trailers for SyFy’s TV adaption of The Expanse set me on edge. I was a fan of the James SA Corey novels and wanted to see them done justice on screen, and on first look I wasn’t optimistic. But I can’t remember what I was worried about now, as an outstanding debut season blew away all doubts. The show returns next month, but before it does, I thought I’d lay out some of my hopes and expectations for the incoming second season.

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How I Learned To Start Worrying And Love The Cubs

It’s a strange love …

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Sport Around The Clock – Part Four

My lifetime obsession in twelve hours, concluded.

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Sport Around The Clock – Part Three

My lifetime obsession in twelve hours, still.

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Sport Around The Clock – Part Two

My lifetime obsession in twelve hours, continued.

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Sport Around The Clock – Part One

My lifetime obsession in twelve hours.

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Report: Cubs Resisting Trade Proposals for Prospect Jimenez

[Originally produced for assignment with the College of Media and Publishing]

The Chicago Cubs intend to hold on to Eloy Jimenez, one of their prized prospects, beyond the 1 August trade deadline.

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Euro 2016, For Flags – Part Two: The Knockouts

I like flags – they look good, and they mean stuff. The nationalist sentiments they might represent, I can leave. But I like the flags. They’re handsome things.

I like sport, too. It’s like real life, but pretend, and better. So while you probably haven’t wondered, what would Euro 2016 be like if it was a flag contest?, I have. And I didn’t stop at wondering, I went and did it – a football tournament, played out between flags. Does it make sense? Is it logical and internally consistent? Was it worth my time and yours? The answers to these questions (no) and more (what are this idiot’s favourite flags?) will be revealed, only in the crucible of competition.

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